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What You Need as a Backpacker: Essentials

Travelling can be a tough business, wherever you are going. Deciding what you want to take, what you need to take and what you should be leaving behind is a stressful – and sometimes impossible – task. Well don’t worry, because we’re here to give you some fantastic tips about some of the best things to take with you on your backpacking tour of the world. Guam now, but where next? Pack as best for each eventuality as you can by using our handy guide.


Travel Clothing

Possibly the biggest asset you will have other than a passport is the type of clothing you take with you. It’s best to try and pack light. If you’ve planned your travel destinations, get a feel for the climate and what you will most likely need before you set off. You’ll most likely need shorts and shirts. Shoes will be a major choice, as you’re probably going to be on your feet for a lot of the time. Underwear is a must – but how much you take is a tough nut to crack. Do you pack light or do you pack heavy? The choice is yours but make it wisely.

Pick Your Bag with Travel in Mind

Regardless of whether you’re going for a week or a year, what type of bag you take can make or break a trip. Travel bags now come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of rucksacks have comfort cushions on the back and around the straps, something which you will no doubt fall in love with after an 8-hour trek to get to your next destination. Bags usually come in different litre sizes, which is another choice you will need to make. The bigger the bag, the more you can take – but the heavier your load will become.


As if you would ever go anywhere without this, right? Well people do forget things, so make sure you keep a keen eye on your passport – it’s literally your ticket to the outside world. And speaking of tickets.Passport And Ticket

Your Ticket!

Another super important thing to remember, your ticket. You may not have a return ticket but you’ve definitely got one going out of the country so keep that well and truly in hand. Clothes and bags mean very little if you’re trapped in the airport. Come on, you shouldn’t need reminding of this!

Money, Money, Money

Travel money is real important, so if you know where you’re going for your whole trip then plan your money too. If not, however, make sure you have a way to buy currency when you arrive.


Swiss Army Knife

Make sure you take a few bits and bobs that can help you along the way. These lights:  will help you find your way around, maybe a Swiss Army Knife as a handy tool/bottle opener and a map to guide you.

Enjoy your trip to Guam, and if you take the things above you won’t go far wrong.

Hunting In Guam

submachine-gun-62902_640Guam is the largest and farthest southern island of the Mariana Island chain located in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is quite remote and one could only imagine what type of wild animals inhabit the unpredictable island. The jungles are dense, terrains are steep river ravines, tall grass, mountains, and swamps. There are many different types of species that can be hunted and in order to properly do this, the right gun and skills are required.

The Animals Of Guam

The creatures that live in Guam range from microscopic to huge and in order to hunt them, you need to know the rules.

  • Legal shooting time is a half hour before sunset and sunrise.
  • A hunting license is required and has to be on the person hunting.
  • Deer tag is required.
  • Safety clothing is required and must be visible from the front and back. It must be hunter orange, but not orange-camo.
  • Minimum age to hunt is 13 years old. Anyone between 13 and 17 must be accompanied by a hunter 18 years and older with a hunting license.
  • Hunting from a vehicle or beast of burden is prohibited.
  • No lights and fire allowed while hunting.
  • Dogs may be used to retrieve killed birds during the bird season only. They are not allowed to hunt, track, or kill any other animal.

These are some of the main rules for hunting in Guam. As we all know, breaking these rules, just like any other place in the world, can be punishable by law. So, with that said, what kind of animals can be legally hunted?

  • Deer-daily and annual limit of 3.
  • Wild pig- No limit
  • Wild goats- No limit
  • Black Francolin-daily limit of 5, no annual limit.
  • Philippine Turtle Dove-Only when in season.

Guns For Hunting


In Guam, there are only certain types of guns that can be used to hunt these wild animals such as shotguns, muzzleloaders, centerfire rifles, crossbows and handguns with certain specifications. Here are a few guns that may be used:

  • Savage Arms Model 220 Bolt-Action Slug ShotgunThese are great for hunting deer, wild pigs, and wild goats.
  • Thompson/Center Pro Hunter FX Muzzleloader .50 CaliberThese can only be used with a single bullet or round ball.
  • Henry Big Boy Centerfire Rifle .357 Mag.
  • TenPoint Stealth S S Crossbow with ACUdraw-




Use Of Red Dot Sights

Some hunters prefer to use a red dot sight attached to their gun for better accuracy. A red dot sight has its strengths and weaknesses, as like all other guns and accessories. The advantage of these sights is that you can place your head in any position you would like. As long as you can see that red dot on the target, you can shoot and most likely hit it. The downside to these sights is that they don’t magnify.

If you want to equip your gun with a red dot sight, make sure you get the best one on the market for your gun. You can check out a list of the best red dot sights for the money to help you figure out which one would be right for you. Since hunting in Guam may prove difficult to some without this type of sight, it could be a consideration for you.