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Uprooting and Moving Abroad: Factors to Consider

Moving abroad is always a heady, stressful time. This applies to anywhere, not just to Guam. The amount of work that needs to go into moving abroad means that planning is essential. You need to make sure that everything you are moving across countries gets moved, make sure your documents are all sorted and your affairs are in order. Take a look at our quick-fire list of ‘musts’ for moving abroad.

How Long Are You Going For?

This is one important subheading! Is it for work? Is it temporary or is it permanent? These answers will determine the level of effort and analysis you put into your move. The length of time will certainly tell you what you should do about living accommodation. Will you rent or will you buy?


Possibly the most important part of moving across the world. Do you need a visa? Do you need a passport? Obviously different countries mean different rules and regulations but all will need you to provide some form of ID. Especially if you’re looking to move to Guam permanently. There’s also other levels of documentation that you will need to arrange. Bank documents, finalizing job offers and even health-care should be very high on your agenda.

Can You Take Family Pets?

A fair question to ask. And remember, different animals may be allowed, while others not. It’s worth checking whether you can take across your fish and reptiles compared to your cats and dogs before you leave your own country. Check out great sites like for information you can trust about products that can help or different types of fish.

Schooling, Jobs and Other Affairs


Schooling and jobs comes right in with the likes of healthcare as one of the most important parts of moving to a foreign country. If you’re thinking about moving, you need to make sure your family is safe and provided for when you travel to Guam. Even if you’re travelling alone, Guam is a very isolated place in the world. You’re likely to need to be able to call upon important documentation at many points during the beginning of your stay somewhere. Be sure to have this to hand.

Other Small Bits

There are also other small bits to remember when moving. Currency in Guam when converted from your country’s dollar is an important matter. Both knowing of it, having it and being aware of the transition rate between your home currency and Guam currency is important. Local infrastructure and common regional/cultural awareness will make your stay and transition in Guam easier.


Starting life in another country can be so exciting. It’s the beginning of a brand-new time of your life with a completely different lifestyle. You shouldn’t let organising your stay take away from the fact that you’re completing a new, fantastic moment in your life. If you remember the pointers above, you should be on the right track to having a successful, and easy transition to your new life.

Checking the Level of Security of the Country

An important part to check when you are going to travel to a different country is the safety of that place. This is important especially because there are some places that are facing some serious troubles like civil wars and other forms of terrorism.

Listening to news is important, and researching on the country you plan to take a trip to is also a big plus. As for me, the many times I go to Guam has got me confident and complacent because the years that I go in and out of the country has shown me that this country is very serious when it comes to the security of its local people, as well as of those that visit their beautiful place.

Of course, during my first visits, I still did the research. However, during the first time I got into the country, I immediately saw for myself just how much they value security. Not just those of the people they are protecting, but also the people who work as security personnel.

I saw that these guards and officers are equipped with state of the art gears and they wear some of the most durable tactical jacket in the market. They could either stand out in the crowd and be immediately pinpointed as the security personnel of the facility, so that people can quickly locate them for help. Or, they could also blend in the crowd and serve as surveillance teams that pounce at wrong doers without them realizing that they are surrounded by security officers.

I had first hand experience of the efficiency of Guam’s security team and I really salute the private and government sector of this country for doing such a great job in  making sure that security is on top of their priorities to invest in. I have been to other countries whose security people are not taken care of. As long as they are given a service gun or a pistol, they are “set” and expected to perform their jobs.

I believe that those that protect the people also need protecting, and this can be showcased through the provision of proper security gear and apparels that can help them perform their jobs better. Who would want to run after criminals in very uncomfortable clothing and who would want to face criminals with gears that could backfire or not work at all?

That is why I do not hesitate to come back to Guam and to transact business in this place. They are very welcoming and the country is safe, thanks to how it values its security personnel.


The Best Way Around Guam

One thing that I love about Guam is its beauty. It is probably one of the most beautiful places that you will ever see in your life. If you ever want to go to an exotic island or just to the pacific I think that Guam is the place for you to go and visit. It is also a great place to live! The beaches are some of the nicest in the world. Many people come from all over the world to visit Guam’s beaches. I would put their beaches up against any other exotic islands. I have been to many others in my life and Guam is still the best in my opinion. 

The weather in Guam is always nice. Yes, it is very hot in the summer months like most pacific islands but it never really gets cold. The average temperature in Guam stays around 80 degrees year round. It really does not get much nicer than that at all! I know that many people are not fans of cold weather and that is why most go on vacations to warm places.

If you like to snorkeling or scuba diving then this is the place for you to go. They have many aquatic preserves Guam.  They had to create these aquatic preserves because much of the local marine life was suffering from overfishing and eroded silt. These problems led to lower fish populations and most of the people who visit Guam do so to see their wonderful coral reefs. Having the aquatic preserves helped the local marine life and helped boost the economy there. So overall it is a win-win for everyone.

One way that a lot of people like to travel around Guam is by gas scooters. My favorite scooter is a taotao scooter. I think they are great! I have had mine for many years and I have never had any problems out of it, but there are many cheap scooters you can get. When I was looking for the right scooter for my spouse and I that is where I went to find all my answers. They were able to answer all my questions about each different type of scooter.

The Progressive Life in Guam

guam1The Island Guam offers a vast and multitude of places to visit. There are so much to see and a lot of things to do, on both the land and sea. Its major industry today is tourism. The climate in Guam is good. Most of the time, it experiences a warm weather all year-round. Today, Guam is an Unincorporated Territory of the United States of America. They are represented by a group of non-voting members of the Congress, under the Delegate Robert Underwood.

Travel in Guam

Since its major industry today is tourism, people from different parts of the world want to travel and visit Guam. It is known to have an excellent weather for summer adventures under the heat of the sun. It is growing popular each day because of the best beach resorts and outdoor adventure places.

Beaches in Guam

It is the perfect place to spend your summer vacation especially for those who love the beach and the sun. Just imagine yourself lying on the sand and soaking up under the heat of the sun, that is truly fun. Most of the beach resorts also offer different sports, games and amenities. They have diving and snorkeling adventures that you can simply gain access without spending too much of money. You can spend the whole day with your friends grilling barbecue just around the beach coastlines. Indeed, Guam will be the ideal place for you to spend summer adventures.


guamYou can access to different places in Guam with their practical transportation vehicles such as public buses and taxis. Getting to your destination is easy too because the places are just near and you can enjoy walking your way to the places you want to visit in Guam. The place is safe and you can guarantee to have people around you who can help you with a lot of things.

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