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Businesses in Guam PART II


I have taken notice of Guam’s kind of business ventures in a previous blog, and right now, I would also like to talk about another business venture that they are also quite inclined to – Plumbing services.

This city seems to have a knack for putting up businesses that target household services. The first one I noticed was their cleaning services, and now, even plumbing services are blooming businesses in this country.

I too, know of a plumber that has reached a high level of success in this business because of their dedication to their service and for always giving high quality plumbing services. Hence, I know that this business would actually be a good business, if it is done with great dedication, paired with proper management.

Then why am I so amazed with the plumbing services here in Guam?

Honestly, I do not know. I just took some noticing to almost everything in this place regarding their business ventures because the city is showing such great progress, that I wanted to learn where that progress came from.

Other countries succeed in technology businesses, and this is what makes their country progress. Other’s invest in tourism. However, Guam, which at first seemed to be investing in tourism, can be seen to have also progressed because of the “tiny” businesses that they invest in. I say “tiny” because it cannot par with how tech businesses are earning. However, their choice of businesses has served more than enough, in making their economy a good one.

No wonder I am still always in awe with this place, despite the many times that I have been back here. I have chosen this place as my city of refuge whenever I want to escape from stress. Little by little, I have come to know more than I though I ever would, starting off with how businesses in this place go.

Of course, it is the first thing I notice because I am a businessman myself. Even when I come her for a vacation, you cannot escape who you are, that is why I still end up scrutinizing and examining the business ventures here in Guam, in hopes of finding one that I would enter in, someday.

People who have not visited Guam will find the city very warm and helpful. Helpful in terms of the welcoming of locals and helpful in terms of finding what you are looking for, may it be peace, a wonderful time alone, or a bargain vacation with loved ones.



Gaining Business Ideas On A Trip To Guam

I really love to travel to Guam. And if there is one thing I have noticed in this beautiful place, is that the almost all establishments, may it be public or private areas, are very well kept and are very clean.

I also observed that a major industry in this place is their cleaning services industry. Of course I take notice because I am a businessman myself. Though cleaning services is far from the type of business that I do, a business is a business and it takes a good businessman to recognize a potential business when you see one.

The business world has grown to be more complex because of the various types of business that there is to offer. Now, even cleaning services of all sorts have become an industry that tries to convince people, that hiring a professional to clean every nook and cranny of one’s home, is a necessary thing to do. In order to establish an edge over other companies that fish for the same clients, proper marketing strategies should be done. In the same manner, if you are looking for a cleaning company to hire, you have to look at how such companies value their worth by the means they advertise their company.

It is often true that cheapskate companies offer cheapskate services. And what better way to find out if a cleaning company is putting value into its existence, than by seeing that they are well advertised and are able to gain a lot of clients via proper market strategies. A company should dearly values its customers as much as their company, making sure that their services are heard of and established through various marketing styles. From the typical putting up of banners, window signs and advertisements, to utilizing the most powerful form of business marketing nowadays – the internet, businesses, even cleaning companies, is sure to pop out first not only in blogs and online advertising materials, but as well as in online videos that teach and demonstrate proper cleaning methods, showing their customers what they can offer their clients in the most creative, practical and accessible way.

Of course, this kind of marketing strategy should have a good Virtual PBX to support its traffic. Meaning, no matter the business, may it be a cleaning service or the kind of business that I have, a good PBX system should be used by the company so that the lines of communication between clients and between employees will be made much easier and in a more organized matter.

Guam has shown me so much advancement because even businesses that offer service are already using the Internet to their advantage. Even if Guam is a place for me to relax and forget about my business once in a while, it also has given me a lot of ideas on how to expand and grow my business, and now I am seriously thinking about putting up a cleaning service business, too. We’ll have to wait and see how this idea grows. for now, I am just happy that I have once again visited my favorite place of sanctuary, Guam.