What You Need as a Backpacker: Essentials

Travelling can be a tough business, wherever you are going. Deciding what you want to take, what you need to take and what you should be leaving behind is a stressful – and sometimes impossible – task. Well don’t worry, because we’re here to give you some fantastic tips about some of the best things to take with you on your backpacking tour of the world. Guam now, but where next? Pack as best for each eventuality as you can by using our handy guide.


Travel Clothing

Possibly the biggest asset you will have other than a passport is the type of clothing you take with you. It’s best to try and pack light. If you’ve planned your travel destinations, get a feel for the climate and what you will most likely need before you set off. You’ll most likely need shorts and shirts. Shoes will be a major choice, as you’re probably going to be on your feet for a lot of the time. Underwear is a must – but how much you take is a tough nut to crack. Do you pack light or do you pack heavy? The choice is yours but make it wisely.

Pick Your Bag with Travel in Mind

Regardless of whether you’re going for a week or a year, what type of bag you take can make or break a trip. Travel bags now come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of rucksacks have comfort cushions on the back and around the straps, something which you will no doubt fall in love with after an 8-hour trek to get to your next destination. Bags usually come in different litre sizes, which is another choice you will need to make. The bigger the bag, the more you can take – but the heavier your load will become.


As if you would ever go anywhere without this, right? Well people do forget things, so make sure you keep a keen eye on your passport – it’s literally your ticket to the outside world. And speaking of tickets.Passport And Ticket

Your Ticket!

Another super important thing to remember, your ticket. You may not have a return ticket but you’ve definitely got one going out of the country so keep that well and truly in hand. Clothes and bags mean very little if you’re trapped in the airport. Come on, you shouldn’t need reminding of this!

Money, Money, Money

Travel money is real important, so if you know where you’re going for your whole trip then plan your money too. If not, however, make sure you have a way to buy currency when you arrive.


Swiss Army Knife

Make sure you take a few bits and bobs that can help you along the way. These lights: http://www.lightbarliaison.com/best-led-light-bar-reviews/  will help you find your way around, maybe a Swiss Army Knife as a handy tool/bottle opener and a map to guide you.

Enjoy your trip to Guam, and if you take the things above you won’t go far wrong.

Travel Tips So Simple You’ll Wonder Why You Never Thought of Them – Like Heated Mattress Pads To Stay Warm

We all look forward to vacation. This is a time when you can put your many responsibilities on the backburner and enjoy other cultures and ways of life. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that approximately 1.73 million passengers board planes every day. Whether you’re preparing for a vacation with family or are embarking on a romantic destination for two, Guam makes a great destination. Just a few things you can enjoy here include:

  • Snorkeling at Ypao Beach Park
  • Magic shows at the Encore! Theater
  • Beautiful scenery at Two Lovers Point
  • Fun shopping for souvenirs at Micronesia Mall
  • Swimming with sharks at Underwater World

Whether you travel often or rarely get the opportunity to leave the daily grind and responsibilities of life, there are a few travel tips that are so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of them. You should certainly take advantage of these pointers the next time you head out on a voyage far from home.

Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Heated Mattress Pad

When we travel, we defy the laws of time as we pass time zones and surpass the sun’s orbital location. As amazing as this capability can be, it can also disrupt our sleep cycle. Jet lag can have a significant negative impact on your ability to enjoy your trip, and just a few of the many negative side effects that improper sleep on your trip can cause include:

  • Memory problems
  • Decrease in your immune system’s ability to keep you from getting sick while abroad
  • Increase in stress levels
  • Poor judgement

There is a great way to bring the comforts of home with you when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. When you invest in a heated mattress pad, you can stay warm at night while enjoying the fact that your body will become more relaxed as the increase in blood circulation encourages minor aches and pains common with travel to subside.

Pack Your Carry-On Strategically

For every flight that departs around the globe, it’s estimated that one bag will be lost or delayed. There’s a very real chance this could happen to you, and, depending on what you had in the bag, this could significantly reduce the quality of your trip. In order to ensure this won’t be detrimental if it happens to you, pack your carry-on strategically by ensuring the essentials are there. Just a few things to ensure you have in your carry-on baggage include:

  • Running shoes
  • Raincoat
  • Phone charger
  • Money

Keep Your Flight Number in Mind

Flight Schedule

If you haven’t experienced travel to many places, it’s important to understand that other airports won’t necessarily be set up the same way you experienced in your native area. When you do realize this, it can be highly frustrating and even scary when you can’t find the full name of destination airports listed. This can be easily overlooked, but, make a note of your flight number. You can jot it down on a piece of paper, save it in your cell phone, or just make a mental note. This can help you tremendously when the time comes for quick recall.

Ensuring Your Trip is One You’ll Remember Fondly

No matter how exotic and exciting your destination, the truth remains that you’ll be far from the comforts of home. You may even be surprised to find yourself longing for that cozy blanket or just the smell of the lavender plant outside your bedroom window.

To avoid homesickness and to best ensure you’re able to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing trip, all it takes is a little bit of preparation. All too often, we get caught up on focusing on clothing and toiletries as we pack for a long trip. However, when you plan ahead and include these helpful items, you’ll find the quality of your trip greatly enhanced, allowing you to make the most of this vacation you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Checking the Level of Security of the Country

An important part to check when you are going to travel to a different country is the safety of that place. This is important especially because there are some places that are facing some serious troubles like civil wars and other forms of terrorism.

Listening to news is important, and researching on the country you plan to take a trip to is also a big plus. As for me, the many times I go to Guam has got me confident and complacent because the years that I go in and out of the country has shown me that this country is very serious when it comes to the security of its local people, as well as of those that visit their beautiful place.

Of course, during my first visits, I still did the research. However, during the first time I got into the country, I immediately saw for myself just how much they value security. Not just those of the people they are protecting, but also the people who work as security personnel.

I saw that these guards and officers are equipped with state of the art gears and they wear some of the most durable tactical jacket in the market. They could either stand out in the crowd and be immediately pinpointed as the security personnel of the facility, so that people can quickly locate them for help. Or, they could also blend in the crowd and serve as surveillance teams that pounce at wrong doers without them realizing that they are surrounded by security officers.

I had first hand experience of the efficiency of Guam’s security team and I really salute the private and government sector of this country for doing such a great job in  making sure that security is on top of their priorities to invest in. I have been to other countries whose security people are not taken care of. As long as they are given a service gun or a pistol, they are “set” and expected to perform their jobs.

I believe that those that protect the people also need protecting, and this can be showcased through the provision of proper security gear and apparels that can help them perform their jobs better. Who would want to run after criminals in very uncomfortable clothing and who would want to face criminals with gears that could backfire or not work at all?

That is why I do not hesitate to come back to Guam and to transact business in this place. They are very welcoming and the country is safe, thanks to how it values its security personnel.


Hunting In Guam

submachine-gun-62902_640Guam is the largest and farthest southern island of the Mariana Island chain located in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is quite remote and one could only imagine what type of wild animals inhabit the unpredictable island. The jungles are dense, terrains are steep river ravines, tall grass, mountains, and swamps. There are many different types of species that can be hunted and in order to properly do this, the right gun and skills are required.

The Animals Of Guam

The creatures that live in Guam range from microscopic to huge and in order to hunt them, you need to know the rules.

  • Legal shooting time is a half hour before sunset and sunrise.
  • A hunting license is required and has to be on the person hunting.
  • Deer tag is required.
  • Safety clothing is required and must be visible from the front and back. It must be hunter orange, but not orange-camo.
  • Minimum age to hunt is 13 years old. Anyone between 13 and 17 must be accompanied by a hunter 18 years and older with a hunting license.
  • Hunting from a vehicle or beast of burden is prohibited.
  • No lights and fire allowed while hunting.
  • Dogs may be used to retrieve killed birds during the bird season only. They are not allowed to hunt, track, or kill any other animal.

These are some of the main rules for hunting in Guam. As we all know, breaking these rules, just like any other place in the world, can be punishable by law. So, with that said, what kind of animals can be legally hunted?

  • Deer-daily and annual limit of 3.
  • Wild pig- No limit
  • Wild goats- No limit
  • Black Francolin-daily limit of 5, no annual limit.
  • Philippine Turtle Dove-Only when in season.

Guns For Hunting


In Guam, there are only certain types of guns that can be used to hunt these wild animals such as shotguns, muzzleloaders, centerfire rifles, crossbows and handguns with certain specifications. Here are a few guns that may be used:

  • Savage Arms Model 220 Bolt-Action Slug ShotgunThese are great for hunting deer, wild pigs, and wild goats.
  • Thompson/Center Pro Hunter FX Muzzleloader .50 CaliberThese can only be used with a single bullet or round ball.
  • Henry Big Boy Centerfire Rifle .357 Mag.
  • TenPoint Stealth S S Crossbow with ACUdraw-




Use Of Red Dot Sights

Some hunters prefer to use a red dot sight attached to their gun for better accuracy. A red dot sight has its strengths and weaknesses, as like all other guns and accessories. The advantage of these sights is that you can place your head in any position you would like. As long as you can see that red dot on the target, you can shoot and most likely hit it. The downside to these sights is that they don’t magnify.

If you want to equip your gun with a red dot sight, make sure you get the best one on the market for your gun. You can check out a list of the best red dot sights for the money to help you figure out which one would be right for you. Since hunting in Guam may prove difficult to some without this type of sight, it could be a consideration for you.


The Best Way Around Guam

One thing that I love about Guam is its beauty. It is probably one of the most beautiful places that you will ever see in your life. If you ever want to go to an exotic island or just to the pacific I think that Guam is the place for you to go and visit. It is also a great place to live! The beaches are some of the nicest in the world. Many people come from all over the world to visit Guam’s beaches. I would put their beaches up against any other exotic islands. I have been to many others in my life and Guam is still the best in my opinion. 

The weather in Guam is always nice. Yes, it is very hot in the summer months like most pacific islands but it never really gets cold. The average temperature in Guam stays around 80 degrees year round. It really does not get much nicer than that at all! I know that many people are not fans of cold weather and that is why most go on vacations to warm places.

If you like to snorkeling or scuba diving then this is the place for you to go. They have many aquatic preserves Guam.  They had to create these aquatic preserves because much of the local marine life was suffering from overfishing and eroded silt. These problems led to lower fish populations and most of the people who visit Guam do so to see their wonderful coral reefs. Having the aquatic preserves helped the local marine life and helped boost the economy there. So overall it is a win-win for everyone.

One way that a lot of people like to travel around Guam is by gas scooters. My favorite scooter is a taotao scooter. I think they are great! I have had mine for many years and I have never had any problems out of it, but there are many cheap scooters you can get. When I was looking for the right scooter for my spouse and I that is where I went to find all my answers. They were able to answer all my questions about each different type of scooter.

The Progressive Life in Guam

guam1The Island Guam offers a vast and multitude of places to visit. There are so much to see and a lot of things to do, on both the land and sea. Its major industry today is tourism. The climate in Guam is good. Most of the time, it experiences a warm weather all year-round. Today, Guam is an Unincorporated Territory of the United States of America. They are represented by a group of non-voting members of the Congress, under the Delegate Robert Underwood.

Travel in Guam

Since its major industry today is tourism, people from different parts of the world want to travel and visit Guam. It is known to have an excellent weather for summer adventures under the heat of the sun. It is growing popular each day because of the best beach resorts and outdoor adventure places.

Beaches in Guam

It is the perfect place to spend your summer vacation especially for those who love the beach and the sun. Just imagine yourself lying on the sand and soaking up under the heat of the sun, that is truly fun. Most of the beach resorts also offer different sports, games and amenities. They have diving and snorkeling adventures that you can simply gain access without spending too much of money. You can spend the whole day with your friends grilling barbecue just around the beach coastlines. Indeed, Guam will be the ideal place for you to spend summer adventures.


guamYou can access to different places in Guam with their practical transportation vehicles such as public buses and taxis. Getting to your destination is easy too because the places are just near and you can enjoy walking your way to the places you want to visit in Guam. The place is safe and you can guarantee to have people around you who can help you with a lot of things.

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Businesses in Guam PART II


I have taken notice of Guam’s kind of business ventures in a previous blog, and right now, I would also like to talk about another business venture that they are also quite inclined to – Plumbing services.

This city seems to have a knack for putting up businesses that target household services. The first one I noticed was their cleaning services, and now, even plumbing services are blooming businesses in this country.

I too, know of a plumber that has reached a high level of success in this business because of their dedication to their service and for always giving high quality plumbing services. Hence, I know that this business would actually be a good business, if it is done with great dedication, paired with proper management.

Then why am I so amazed with the plumbing services here in Guam?

Honestly, I do not know. I just took some noticing to almost everything in this place regarding their business ventures because the city is showing such great progress, that I wanted to learn where that progress came from.

Other countries succeed in technology businesses, and this is what makes their country progress. Other’s invest in tourism. However, Guam, which at first seemed to be investing in tourism, can be seen to have also progressed because of the “tiny” businesses that they invest in. I say “tiny” because it cannot par with how tech businesses are earning. However, their choice of businesses has served more than enough, in making their economy a good one.

No wonder I am still always in awe with this place, despite the many times that I have been back here. I have chosen this place as my city of refuge whenever I want to escape from stress. Little by little, I have come to know more than I though I ever would, starting off with how businesses in this place go.

Of course, it is the first thing I notice because I am a businessman myself. Even when I come her for a vacation, you cannot escape who you are, that is why I still end up scrutinizing and examining the business ventures here in Guam, in hopes of finding one that I would enter in, someday.

People who have not visited Guam will find the city very warm and helpful. Helpful in terms of the welcoming of locals and helpful in terms of finding what you are looking for, may it be peace, a wonderful time alone, or a bargain vacation with loved ones.



Gaining Business Ideas On A Trip To Guam

I really love to travel to Guam. And if there is one thing I have noticed in this beautiful place, is that the almost all establishments, may it be public or private areas, are very well kept and are very clean.

I also observed that a major industry in this place is their cleaning services industry. Of course I take notice because I am a businessman myself. Though cleaning services is far from the type of business that I do, a business is a business and it takes a good businessman to recognize a potential business when you see one.

The business world has grown to be more complex because of the various types of business that there is to offer. Now, even cleaning services of all sorts have become an industry that tries to convince people, that hiring a professional to clean every nook and cranny of one’s home, is a necessary thing to do. In order to establish an edge over other companies that fish for the same clients, proper marketing strategies should be done. In the same manner, if you are looking for a cleaning company to hire, you have to look at how such companies value their worth by the means they advertise their company.

It is often true that cheapskate companies offer cheapskate services. And what better way to find out if a cleaning company is putting value into its existence, than by seeing that they are well advertised and are able to gain a lot of clients via proper market strategies. A company should dearly values its customers as much as their company, making sure that their services are heard of and established through various marketing styles. From the typical putting up of banners, window signs and advertisements, to utilizing the most powerful form of business marketing nowadays – the internet, businesses, even cleaning companies, is sure to pop out first not only in blogs and online advertising materials, but as well as in online videos that teach and demonstrate proper cleaning methods, showing their customers what they can offer their clients in the most creative, practical and accessible way.

Of course, this kind of marketing strategy should have a good Virtual PBX to support its traffic. Meaning, no matter the business, may it be a cleaning service or the kind of business that I have, a good PBX system should be used by the company so that the lines of communication between clients and between employees will be made much easier and in a more organized matter.

Guam has shown me so much advancement because even businesses that offer service are already using the Internet to their advantage. Even if Guam is a place for me to relax and forget about my business once in a while, it also has given me a lot of ideas on how to expand and grow my business, and now I am seriously thinking about putting up a cleaning service business, too. We’ll have to wait and see how this idea grows. for now, I am just happy that I have once again visited my favorite place of sanctuary, Guam.


How it All Began: Legend of Puntan Dos Amantes

Image Credit: instagramzone.com

Image Credit: instagramzone.com

No, I am not done with Puntan Dos Amantes, yet.

My love for this place cannot be summed up in one blog alone, so I am up again to write about other things I came to find out about this place after having visited it so many times.

let me begin with the legend that comes with this place.

Legend of Puntan Dos Amantes

There once lived a rich local family with a beautiful daughter. As typical ancient rich families go, they want their daughters to marry wealthy men, too. Hence, the father arranged for the daughter to be married to a Spanish captain.

Upon knowing the news, the daughter tried to reason out with his father and told him she cannot marry a man she does not love. She does not even know what love is yet, she said. However, the father insisted and made the engagement official.

The daughter was distraught at the news that she ran off to the highest point in the island. There she met a local, handsome young man, and they fell in love with each other.

Of course, the father searched for his daughter and when she found him atop the island, he disapproved of the girls plea to allow her to marry the poor local boy, instead. The father immediately took her away and pushed through with her marriage with the Spanish captain.

The girl managed to escape again, and when went up the island to meet with her true love. While they were there, the girls father and his soldiers were coming after her.

The two hopeless romantics decided that they would rather die with each other, than her marry someone else. So, they tied and locked their hairs together, embraced, and jumped to their deaths from the cliff to the gushing water and rocks down below.

Puntan Dos Amantes Today

Of course, jumping from the 368 feet cliff is prohibited now. What lovers do is they buy heart-shaped locks from the souvenir shop, place their names on the locks, and lock them on the walls, where many couples have also placed their love locks. This is somehow a replica of Paris’ love locks(which was recently tore down by the local government because the number of locks were becoming to heavy for the bridge).

No matter the case of your love life, it always feels good to experience this kind of symbolism of forever at Guam’s Two Lovers Point.

Even if you do not avail of the love-locking stunt at the place, if you just savor the view with your partner and make promises of your love for each other, with the wind and the sea as your witness, the whole experience will surely make you more passionate about each other, and will let you see the beauty you found in each other the first time you declared yourselves in love.

The place will not only make you believe in forever, but it will also tell you that no matter how far you go in life, you can always look back at a time when you saw so much beauty and felt so much love for each other.



The Place That Made Me Fall For Guam: Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lovers Point)

Image Credit: ns.gov.gu

Image Credit: ns.gov.gu

I was not born and raised in Guam. In fact, I never really dreamed that one day I would settle in this place. I was used to the urban life – skyscrapers and busy streets with more concrete than trees. That was the kind of life I thought I would forever want. I never really see myself as the type of guy who would be so passionate about nature. I was all about living the moment, earning the big bucks, and making my way higher and higher up the corporate ladder.

Puntan Dos Amantes in Guam, changed all of that for me.

Image credit: wondermondo.com

Image credit: wondermondo.com

I went there on a side tour from a business trip. I read it was one of the most visited places Guam. Since I really was not the adventurous type, I chose it so that I know I will be safe because for sure, a lot of people will be there, too. I went in there not to have some passion-driven moment with nature and beauty, but for the sake of visiting at least one attraction of the place, so that I could tell my friends, that well, I went to Guam.

Image Credit: wikimedia commons

Image Credit: wikimedia commons

When I got to the place, I was at first feeling out of place. Most of the people visiting the place were couples. Well, after all, the place translates to “Two Lovers Point” so what should I have expected?

It felt awkward at first but then, again, I didn’t mind. I was there just to check the place out, anyway.

However, when I got to view the whole pacific Ocean and Tumon beach through the deck of this wonderful place, I could not believe my eyes.

The place was a beauty unlike any, I really fell in love. I fell in love with Guam, through Puntan Dos Amantes.

At 368 feet from the reefs down below, I embraced the gush of the wind and savoured the most relaxing and invigorating sight I have ever seen in my entire life. The mountainous volcanic views, the clear sea of blue and green, luscious green tress, and the fresh air, all brought me to a different world.

It was a sight that made me forgot all the couples around me, and me standing alone. This is because I did not feel alone that moment. I had the view and the majestic beauty of nature to accompany me.

Image Credit: worldtravelserver.com

Image Credit: worldtravelserver.com

It may all seem surreal but if you go and visit this place for yourself, bringing along someone you love, you can be sure that the view and the whole aura of the place will make you cry a happy tear.

I spent the entire afternoon just sitting on the deck, admiring a beauty I never imagined I will ever see, in my entire life.

As I think about my life, that moment, I made a promise to myself that I will always come back to this place, and discover more beauty of nature that it has to offer. I have never been so moved in my entire life, and I know that I want to keep that feeling because it helps me think about life and it helps me value what I have become so far.

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